The Great Christmas Jumper Swap
By: Hope Titley
Never buy a Christmas jumper again, see how you can take part below!

Spooky season is over, Michael Bublé is beginning to defrost, and mince pies are filling the shelves. There are so many reasons to love Christmas; the food, the festive spirit, getting together with all your loved ones, but it’s not all merry and bright. We are talking about Christmas jumpers. You know them as the garishly loud and fun Christmas must-have, ready to brighten up your day. Yet the devastating toll they have on our planet is enough to make even Santa feel like Scrooge.

There are 67 million Christmas jumpers already in the world, with 95% of them made wholly or partly of plastic materials.

That figure is scary enough on its own, but when you consider that 1 in 3 over 35’s by a new Christmas jumper every year, we are faced with a huge problem.
With recent photos emerging of Chile’s Atacama desert piled high with fast fashion waste and a large amount of discarded Christmas jumpers, Bandi knew it was time for a solution.

Join us for the great Christmas jumper swap:

So, enough doom and gloom. Here’s the fun part.

Bandi will be hosting a HUGE Christmas jumper swap on the app. The Great Christmas Jumper Swap, if you will. We aim to get as many Christmas jumpers uploaded onto Bandi as possible so that you can swap your way to your next festive fave before Christmas this year.

We want to see what you’ve got! Whether it’s a bad pun (no such thing), a classic festive print or something filled with fairy lights, this is your sign to get them on Bandi App.

How to take part:

• Download Bandi App (Of course)
• Upload your preloved Christmas jumpers.
• Use our NEW search feature to search “Christmas jumper” and find your fave festive knit.
• Match with other swappers.
• Get Swapping!
• Flash your finds on Instagram!
• Don’t forget to tag us @bandi_app and #thegreatchristmasjumperswap

No more will Christmas jumpers be bought only to be discarded once the 12 Days of Christmas is sung. The Great Christmas Jumper Swap has begun, and you are all invited.