Circular fashion
made easy.

Swap, share and sell the clothes you no longer wear on Bandi today! Simple, affordable, and good for the planet.

“I really love Bandi! I love it because it’s sustainable, it’s really not that expensive at all, and the fact that you can find people that have a similar style to you”

“ There’s a great community behind Bandi. You get to shop & connect with other people who also want to celebrate sustainable fashion.”
“I’ve done multiple swaps on Bandi and now I’ve got some really cool items.”
“What’s not to love”

Did you know 11 million items a week end up in landfill in the UK?

No New 22

“We’re on a mission to give humanity the tools they need to slow fashion down. As a society, we have more clothing than we could ever possibly wear. The value of clothes has been lost, the people behind the clothes ignored, and the impact on our planet has been disguised with greenwashing. Bandi was created to give the planet a voice. We believe in a healthier fashion industry, one that is affordable and guilt-free. That’s why we’ve built a platform to make this possible. Being a part of Bandi is being a part of the circular fashion movement!”

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The Gift of Bandi
The Gift of Bandi
The Gift of Bandi

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