Things people ask us

Whenever a startup comes along that’s doing something genuinely disruptive, there are always questions.

What is Bandi?

Bandi is a new clothes swapping app founded by sisters Frankie and Nicole Theakston for people who love fashion and love the planet. Launched in September 2021, the app is a sustainable alternative to fast fashion, allowing users to swap the clothes they never wear and build a better wardrobe without the cost of new clothing or the cost to the planet. Find out more here.

How does Bandi work?

1. Create a profile

Download the iOS app and sign up for an account. This only takes a few minutes and then you’re ready to go.

2. Find your clothes twins

We’ll match you with people who are a similar size and shape – and have a similar taste in fashion.

3. Swap ‘til you drop

Arrange a swap, then use the Bandi bag to package your clothes, take them to your local drop-off point – and wait for your swap to arrive!

Done. You’ve just updated your wardrobe without the hefty price tag or cost to the planet.

How do I post my item?

We’ve partnered with Hermes to post your items. To lower Bandi’s carbon footprint and continue to be as sustainable as we can, we only offer drop off and collection. When you reach the postage stage, you’ll be asked to choose the nearest pick up location to your home address. This is where we will post your swap, ready for your collection. You can drop off to the same spot.

We’re changing the way we post this February!
You will now be able to drop off to any Hermes ParcelShop and your item will be delivered to your clothes twins door. It’s time to start receiving your items at home!

How to Post:

1. Pay for your item in Bandi App

You can do this once your swap is approved.

Then patiently wait for your clothes twin to pay for theirs too.

2. Receive your QR Code

Once both swappers have paid, you will be provided a QR code in app. Just head to your swaps, open up the swap you have paid for and you will find your QR Code on the screen there.

3. Package your item 

Using the Bandi bag or alternative packaging, safely and securely package your swap(s).

4. Drop Off 

Head to your nearest Hermes ParcelShop with your parcel. Scan your QR code, print and attach your label, then hand over your package to the ParcelShop employee!

Leave the rest to Hermes

Bandi will send you the tracking number of the item you are waiting to receive in app.

5. Receive your swap at home!

** If your tracking status does not change within 7 days, make sure to submit a claim form to us here. We will submit a claim to Hermes on your behalf with the information provided.**

How do I purchase a bag?

You can purchase your Bandi Bag inside the app. Our bags are reusable and reduce single-use plastics, so we encourage you to use them. Once your bag arrives, you can use it in your next swap and it then stays in circulation.

How do I know who else has a bag?

Look for the Bandi Bag icon in other people’s profiles. You can also reach out via chat to make sure you’re both using the Bandi Bag. When swapping with someone who doesn’t have a bag, please use alternative packaging instead (sustainable wherever possible).

How do I find my clothes twin?

We’ll help to pair you with people who are a similar size and shape – and have a similar taste in fashion. To find a match, head over to our community page where we’ll suggest profiles to pair with. You can then view their most recent wardrobe uploads and choose whether to match with them or not.

Is new clothing better quality than buying used?

Most of the clothes on our platform are lightly worn and highly loved. People aren’t getting rid of their clothes because they’re old. In fact, it’s usually the opposite – it’s because they fancy a change or they hardly wear the item. And if something isn’t in like-new condition, we have an honesty policy that asks people to show any wear and tear – whether it’s a small hole that needs stitching, or some characterful colour fade.

How difficult is it to upload an item?

It’s similar to listing something on an auction site, and it’s definitely quicker than walking the high street or spending hours browsing aimlessly online. When it comes to taking photos of your items, we don’t expect you to be the next David Bailey – if you know how to use the camera on your smartphone, you’re good.

I have an issue with a swap, what should I do?

Please click here, and fill out our issue with swaps form. Once completed we will get in contact with you if we need any more information otherwise we will be working hard to find a solution!

How can I get help from someone at Bandi?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just send us an email and we’ll be happy to help!

How do I become a ‘Friend of Bandi’ Ambassador?

We need all the help we can get to spread the word. If you love Bandi enough to shout about us from the rooftops, head to our Ambassadors page to find out more.