The 5 Love Languages as Swappers
By: Hope Titley
Which swapping love language do you identify with?

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve got a big date planned, a night in with the girls or a meal with friends, it’s always a fun one to celebrate.
But, as usual with big holidays, they come with a lot of waste that is easily avoided. So many people jump straight to big stores to find every heart branded thing they can get their hands on, which are often generic and find their way into the waste more often than not once Valentine’s Day is over. Did you know that around 25 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent in the UK every year, equivalent to more than 8,000 trees! Let’s look for better ways to show we care this year, and there’s no better way than learning their love language and using it to shower them with affection, their way, without waste.

But first, what are love languages?
Love languages are how we express and experience love and affection, and they vary from person to person. Understanding your partners love language can ensure that they feel loved and appreciated, and if your partner is a Bandi lover and secondhand fan, then don’t worry, we’ve got you. Below you’ll find everything you need to know to make your eco-conscious partner feel the love this Valentine’s Day, according to their love language.

You can thank us later.

Physical Touch?

They aren’t interested in expensive clothes or big events; the Physical Touch Swapper needs to feel close to you. This might seem like a head-scratcher at first, but you’ve got to think outside the box. Is there a jumper of yours that they always gravitate to? A piece of jewellery they can’t help but admire? These pieces are the key. Letting them borrow these makes them feel close to you, knowing there’s a piece of you with them that they’ve been trusted to care for. For that extra touch, spray a bit of your perfume or aftershave on the item to make it personal.

Gift Giving?

Everyone loves receiving gifts, but it holds that extra special meaning for the Gift Giving Swapper. Whether this is by grabbing that belt in a charity shop because you know they wanted one just like it or swapping one of your items on Bandi for a dress you know they’ll love, they like knowing that you’ve thought about them! No matter how you decide to gift to them, take the extra time to write a little note or wrap them lovingly to make this swapper feel special.

Words of Affirmation?

In a fast-fashion world, we all slip up sometimes when it comes to slow fashion. That’s why for the Words of Affirmation Swapper, hearing words of encouragement is exactly what they need. Did they slip up and buy new? Well, they’re doing the best they can. They want to start using Bandi but aren’t sure where to start? You can be on hand to guide them and tell them they’re doing great. Why not introduce them to your favourite slow fashion ambassadors/influencers, spreading the word on how clothes swapping benefits not only them but the planet, ensuring they don’t feel alone on this journey and cheering them on every step of the way.

Quality Time?‍♀️

For the Quality Time swapper, nothing beats in-person secondhand activities. They love fashion, they love the planet, and they love spending time with you, so why not combine all three? Host a swap party, take them secondhand shopping, or why not spend the day showing them how to use Bandi and setting up an account? You can go through all of these together, picking out clothes for each other. You could even switch phones and make swaps for each other!

Acts of Service?

Sometimes, our favourite pieces of clothes get damaged. It happens. But for the Acts of Service Swapper, this is where you can truly show your appreciation. Take the load off their shoulders; whether it’s sewing a button back onto their favourite shirt or hemming a dress just in time for that big event, it’s good to have their back. And if sewings not your forte? Well, YouTube is jam-packed full of beginner tutorials that you can follow, or why not try Apps like Sojo, getting their pieces tailored and fixed for them. Now, their wardrobe will be full of signs you appreciate them.

All you have to do now is take our tips, along with your partners love language, to shower them with affection, in their way, through Valentine’s Day and beyond.