Reuseolutions: The Breakdown
By: Hope Titley
Are you ready to discover the impact you made?

We can’t quite believe that Reuseolutions are over, but we aren’t ready to say goodbye to them just yet. Co-Founders Frankie and Nicole, as well as members of the Bandi team, have decided to keep the Reuseolution party going by pledging not to buy any new clothes this year.

Bye-bye Reuseolutions, hello No New 2022.

This is your sign to join us, but in case you were still on the fence, Co-Founder Frankie decided to crunch some numbers to show just how much your choices this month have affected the planet. It can be hard to visualise quite how much of a difference you’ve made by taking part in Bandi’s Reuseolutions, so we won’t bore you with all the maths (Sorry, Frankie), but we will try to break it down for you!

Here are the main points that you need to know.

How many clothes did we save?

Each month, roughly five clothing items are purchased by the average person, and with the 268 people who took part in Bandi’s Reuseolutions, we can work out (268 x 5) how many pieces of clothing we saved by swapping instead of buying new; which is a whopping 1340 items of clothing! That number on its own is pretty impressive, but we aren’t stopping there!

How do we relate this to carbon emissions?

On average, the fashion industry produces 80 billion pieces of clothing and 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions each year. Using these statistics, we worked out that 0.015 tonnes of carbon emissions are produced for each item of clothing made.
1.2 billion ÷ 80 billion = 0.015!

How much carbon did we save?

Now we know how many items of clothing we saved by swapping, AND the carbon emissions for each item, all we have to do is multiply them!

1340 x 0.015 tonnes = 20.1 tonnes of carbon emissions saved!

Now, let’s make it visual.

We’re going to use the two things people think about when it comes to being eco-friendly. Trees and coffee! (Think of all those coffee cups)

By looking at the amount of carbon emissions a single tree will offset (0.16 tonnes) and the carbon footprint of 1 litre of water(0.298 grams), Frankie managed to do some very clever maths using the amount of emissions we saved. We worked out that by all of you taking part in Bandi’s Reuseolutions, we’ve saved:

120 Trees & 3100 cups of coffee!

Those are some numbers to brag about, and we’re so proud of you! When you look at numbers like that from only a single month of everyone doing Reuseolutions, can you imagine the difference we could make in an entire year? We can, and it makes the future look a little more Bandified.

If you’ve got a head for numbers, then check out Frankie’s research HERE!