No New 22
By: Hope Titley
Can you go a whole year without buying new?

It’s hard to believe that January is over, and our Reuseolutions have come to an end with it. With over 250 of you making your pledge not to buy new, we are truly amazed at what this community of ours can do.
Now, we want to take it that step further.
Co-Founders Nicole and Frankie are pledging not to buy any new clothes for an entire year, choosing instead to swap, restyle and buy secondhand.

Now is your chance to join them

The average person spends £43.88 per month on new clothes and shoes, totalling a whopping £526.50 a year! The UK alone consumes 1.1 million tonnes of clothing per year, and it’s a figure that has steadily been on the rise over the years.

With the success of our Reuseolutions, we want to carry on the trend of making meaningful purchases and swaps with the environment in mind. Being sustainable doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, but don’t just take it from us! If you are up-to-date with all the reuseolution goss, then you’ll know we hosted weekly Instagram lives with industry pros and sustainable extraordinaires who shared all their tips and tricks for how to look good and stay as eco-friendly as possible.

Here’s what we learnt.

Nicole & Frankie

No New 22

Check, check and check again

Do you already have something similar in your wardrobe? Do you genuinely like this item, or is it just a trend?

Fast Fashion for inspiration, not for purchasing

Use Sites like ASOS as a mood board, but then look around to see if you can find that item secondhand or on Bandi. You can also save items to wishlists, then wait a month to see if you still like them or was it trendy.

Try before you buy

Especially when shopping secondhand or vintage. Sizing can be awkward, so it’s good to be sure that it will fit! If buying online, don’t be afraid to ask for measurements as this will ensure items don’t sit unworn because they don’t fit.

Be the change

“Around 350,000 tonnes of clothes, with an estimated value of £140 million, go to landfills every year in the UK.” By taking part in our Reusesolutions and hopefully continuing for the year, you can directly affect that number!

Get fixing!

How many clothing items have you thrown out just because they no longer fit or are slightly damaged? It’s time to change that. Brush up on your sewing skills, or take it to the tailors to give your clothes that extra lease of life.


All you need to do is be patient, and manifest that perfect pair of jeans on Bandi. They are out there, we just need to get them in the right wardrobes.

Nick (@manaboutstyle.nick)

No New 22

Nick Howard-Lanes, ManAboutStyle, is a professional Personal Stylist for men, providing a positive change through sustainable styling, leading to greater self-success.

Cleaning is key

Did you know that how you wash your clothes plays a massive part in making them last? Nick recommends washing your clothes inside out, at 30 degrees for no more than 30 mins and then investing in a hand steamer to finish them off! Using a hand steamer rejuvenates your clothes between washes and kills bacteria meaning you can wash your clothes less!

Embrace imperfections!

They are a part of the clothes journey and story, so get it fixed or embrace it, don’t throw it out! It’s okay to have damages. (He tells us whilst flashing a hole in his favourite shirt)

Don’t shop often; shop savvy

Ensure that the item is a classic when you are splashing the cash. Build a capsule collection of essential pieces around which you can build your wardrobe. You want these to be items that will still be fashionable in the years to come and potentially be passed down when the time comes!

Be ruthless

You have to be ruthless when clearing out. Ask yourself will you wear it, or will it take up space? If you haven’t worn the item in 1/2 years, it’s time to go. If this is a struggle, think of the next person who will love it and wear it more than you are.

Get a stylist!

Visiting charity and vintage shops can be overwhelming. Avoid choice paralysis by getting a stylist or a friend who knows what they’re doing to make the search easier. They will guide you to pick out pieces you’ll love.

Know your style, and how to restyle

Are you preppy? y2k? 70’s retro? Knowing your style will help you not follow trends and participate in fast fashion, as you will know what works for you and what doesn’t.
Then, when you put on a new item, ask yourself: How can I change this? Can I cuff it, tuck it, unbutton it? What have I got that will go with it? Be mindful of your fashion choices.

Dom (@b1tcheswhobuytoomuch)

No New 22

Dom Salunke or  @b1tcheswhobuytoomuch is, in her own words, a recovered but very much still closeted emo kid with a love for vintage and secondhand clothing, preloved designer handbags and combining the aforementioned to make over the top outfits for her everyday dog walks.
When she’s not working her day job in care, she hosts secondhand clothing events in Cornwall and try and make everyone as enthusiastic about vintage clothing as she is!

Create your own rules

This has to work for YOU. If there’s something you utterly adore, then bend the rules! It’s okay to want things, so don’t be too hard on yourself! (Dom allowed herself to buy something on her birthday!)

Take it slow

Take a moment to consider if you want the item or are just stuck in a cycle of overconsumption.

Support each other!

Doing challenges like Bandi’s Reuseoltions with friends and other eco-conscious people is the best thing. You can encourage and keep each other going if you start to struggle!

Even if you break, you can carry on!

It’s not a be-all or end-all kind of thing! Everyone slips up, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t try again and keep going!

In the words of Nick,

“You put on clothes 365 days a year start, so start telling a story with your clothes.”

Let’s make that story one where you are a fashion hero, ready to take on No New 22!