How To Nail The Communal Wardrobe
By: Hope Titley
We’ve all jokily said we have a communal wardrobe at some point. Whether it’s with your housemates, siblings or friends, everyone loves to borrow each others clothes. So why don’t we apply this idea when we plan and pack for those summer holidays?

It seems so simple, yet every year, people are flooded with ads and the urge that the have to buy something new for their holidays, when in reality, you have a whole new wardrobe waiting for you… in your friends bag. 

When you start packing for that girls trip, here’s what you’re going to do. 

Plan together. 

You all know the activities. The events. What kind of vibe you want for this holiday. So before you start emptying your wardrobe and shoving it into your suitcase, check in with your friends and see what they’ll be packing. 

Do you all really need to bring a set of white linen trousers each? With the obvious exception of being different sizes, why not try bringing a single pair (or two) and swapping mid-way through the holiday? This can apply to pretty much every item you pack. 

Chat with your friends, and between yourselves try to plan and pack a communal wardrobe that can be swapped between you all. 


Take care of each others things

There’s no worse feeling than lending someone your favourite top, only for it to be returned in a sorry state. So when you’re borrowing your friends clothes, make sure you’re treating each item as if it was your own, that way it’s ready for the next person to wear and look amazing in. 


Bring some cleaning supplies

Especially if you’re headed somewhere hot. It’s not nice rewearing sweaty clothes, but if you plan ahead, you can bring some on the go wash powder to give the clothes a quick refresh. You can even buy little bottles of fabric freshener and dewrinkler, to help those clothes look as if they’ve just been pulled out the wardrobe. 


State your boundaries

There are some things that you might not want to share, and that’s okay! It might be a dress that belonged to your grandma, or an incredibly delicate piece of clothing. Whatever it is, communicate with your friends that this will belong to your personal wardrobe, and you’d rather no one else wore it. They’ll understand, and most likely, they’ll have some pieces they want to keep personal too. As long as everyone knows which items aren’t communal, you can swap away with the rest of the wardrobe to your hearts content. 


Now all that’s left to do is get packing.