Eco-friendly summer swaps
By: Hope Titley
It’s not just for clothes. SUMMER IS HERE. After a freeeezng winter, and a classically British, rainy spring, it’s about time we got some gorgeous sunshine.

And of course, the arrival of summer marks the start of festival and holiday season. So basically, all the fun. But we want to make sure that our good vibes don’t have an affect on the planet. Whether you’re headed to Glastonbury, or are jetsetting to Greece for that Donna Sheridan summer, here are all the eco-friendly swaps you can make for your suitcase.

Swap, don’t shop

The itch to buy new clothes for summer and all your plans can be overwhelming, but you can fight it! Instead, try uploading the old summer pieces you no longer love to Bandi, and swap your way to a whole new wardrobe. So you can look cute, and save the planet. Nice one. Where possible, avoid the liquids Not only do the majority of them come in plastic bottles, and a leak-hazard, getting them through security at the airport is a whole event in itself. So, where you can, take solids instead. Shampoo, body wash, body moisturisers and conditioners all come in solid form, so you can hack the liquid limits for your carry-ons. And if you can’t let some of your liquids go…

Avoid the minis!

We see you in boots staring at the tiny bottle of shampoo. PUT. IT. DOWN. These little minis might seem convenient, but all your really doing is spending your money and creating more waste. Instead, treat yourself to a little set of reusable travel bottles, and decant your favourite liquid products into them! Not only will you be saving yourself money in the long run, you also get to keep using your faves, rather than some random bottle of Head and Shoulders as that’s all they had left.

Switch up your razor

What I I told you that you could have a razor that lasts an entire lifetime? Yeah. If you’re a person who shaves, then this is your sign to get rid of the plastic Venus razor that definitely should have been thrown out a month ago, and replace it with a safety razor. The design means that it will last forever, all you need to buy are the blades. And considering each blade can last about 6 months, and you can buy a pack of 100 for less than an tenner… seems pretty simple to us.

Period due?

Time to ditch the tampons. 1. They take up excess space. 2. They’re all individually wrapped in plastic that can’t be recycled. Instead, why not try a Menstrual Cup? You only need to pack one, tiny pouch and you’re good for the whole trip. We get that they can seem scary if you’re a first-timer, but they’re are so many options out there. So take your time and research to find the perfect one for you.

Get your sparkle on (sustainably)

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? Festivals are all about putting on your most jazzy outfit and grabbing the glitter, but sadly, most glitters are made from tiny pieces of plastic. These bits of plastic will end up spread all over the festival, polluting the ground and water with plastic ? But don’t panic! You can get eco-friendly alternatives that are made out of biodegradable materials, made from plants. If you’re a bit of an artist, why not try grabbing some facepaints and going to town? Draw hearts, starts, vines – anything your want! You could even add some biodegradable glitter too.

Let’s make this summer the most sustainable one yet.