2023 Summer Trends – Sustainably
By: Hope Titley
True susty trend setters are Bandi Ambassadors btw.

There’s one thing we know about fashion – it changes. ALL THE TIME. Staying on top of the trends is not only exhausting, it’s also damaging the planet, and not to mention your wallet. 

With new styles coming in every season from fast fashion brands, it can all feel overwhelming. So this post is for our susty swappers who like staying on-trend, but want to protect our environment in the process.


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The Trend: 80s/90s inspired accessories

Throw it way back when it comes to your jewellery this summer, with pieces inspired by the 80s and 90s. Go big! Go quirky! Choose something handmade. Or wear them all at once. 


The Items:

What to Search: chunky ring, bead necklace, big earrings


The Trend: Preppy button-ups

The humble button up is getting some sumer lovin’ this year. Perfect for throwing on over a bikini after a swim, or over your shoulders whilst strolling the town in the evening. This summer, we’re seeing them tucked into shorts, or worn undone over a crop top and white trousers.


The Items:


What to Search: Ralph Lauren shirt, striped shirts, cotton shirts, men’s shirts


The Trend: Light, relaxed pieces

This has been the year of quality, natural materials, made to keep you cool in the heat. Meet linen, cotton and viscose, in your fave laid-back styles. (And swapping for your cotton pieces secondhand also meands you avoid the huge amounts of water waste in producted) Who could say no?


The Items: 

What to Search: Linen dresses, bohemian, striped shirts


The Trend: Crochet… everything

The love for crochet doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and we’re not mad about it. Whether it’s handmade, or secondhand, there’s something special about crochet. Maybe it’s the slightly cheeky holes in the knit, or the “Mamma Mia” vibes that come from a slouchy crochet jumper. Whatever it is, we’re loving it. 


The Items:

What to Search: Crochet tote, crochet dress, crochet top, crochet


The Trend: White 

Everyone has been dreaming of a Mediterranean summer, floating around the Greek Islands soaking up the sunshine. Enter white. This shade not only keeps you cool, but makes your tan look even better so it’s a win-win really.


The Items:

What to Search:
White trousers, white maxi skirt, white oversized shirt, white boho dress

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